Judy and Adrian Davis

Things to Do on Your Holiday

The river Blavet offers some excellent and varied course fishing. Chez Pecheur is situated just upstream of a weir, above which good bags of bream are regularly taken on the feeder. Below the weir our private bank runs for a quarter of a mile alongside the faster water. Specimen carp in the river run to 40lb+, and seasonal catches of salmon are also taken. Course, game and sea fishing is plentiful in the local area.

If fishing is not your thing, just a peaceful trip with a boat will grant plenty of scenic sights. 5 miles of calm water surrounded by tall walls of treeline brings you closer to nature. A perfect way to get rid of city stress and routine.

As you can tell from photos, cottage environment resembles an oil painting, especially in Autumn months. We have created several routes of footpaths for our guests, providing relaxing walks after busy day.

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